Rain Climber

Rain Climber - a Ludum Dare game I created Rain Climber together with artist Alexandre Tanaka for Ludum Dare 38, a 72-hour game jam. You play as a small water sprite named Colin, climbing up between rain drops as they fall in slow motion. The game can be downloaded for free on itch.io and supports mouse or controller input. Its source code (made in C# and Unity 5.6) can be viewed on Github.

Black Mesa

Black Mesa project I worked on the Black Mesa mod (a recreation of 1998's Half-Life in the Source Engine) as a Choreographer from December of 2008, up until the mod's release. Their website is available here. My job involved creating believable NPC performances in choreographed 'cutscenes' using the Source engine's Action-Level control system, Face Poser. The mod can be downloaded for free from the project's website, and a premium version can be purchased on Steam.


AmWell.com At my current employment, I am one of the lead JavaScript programmers for AmWell's "Online Care", a tele-health product used now used by many health care institutions. I'm responsible for creating and maintaining new features on the website and its matching video plugin. I also work on an internal tool for the company made using Flask and Angular 2.0.


SoulStarer.com SoulStarer.com was a project I made in my own time to flex some web development skills. It's a site that lets you build very simple webpages consisting of an image, an audio track, and a slow zoom onto a point on the image. While I'm proficient with various JavaScript frameworks, I decided to built Soul-Starer mostly from scratch, to make use of some of the more recent advancements in HTML5 technology. The lack of extra libraries or overhead grants it some very fast load times, and no incompatibilities to speak of besides not supporting older browsers.


LavaSurf, a game project made in Flash

LavaSurf is a Flash game I created with two other team members over the course of three weeks. We came up with an original game concept and then built a prototype. As well as the concept and core ideas for the gameplay, I helped to implement the system of physics as well as numerous minute details. After a lot of tweaking, we felt we had achieved something that was fun to play.

Your goal is to make it down the mountain, while surfing through lava. The object you stand on will slowly melt, and you will need to jump to other objects (some of which move faster than others) If your object melts or you miss a jump, you will lose a life (shown in the lower left corner). The distance to the bottom is shown in the top-right corner
Use the arrow keys to move your character, and use SPACE to jump off your current object.
Click here to play! (Game begins instantly)


One of my larger projects at R.I.T. was a game called Shrink, a 12-man class project in which we made a 2D platformer in XNA over 10 weeks. In the game, your character's primary ability was being able to shrink and grow himself, as well as anything he carries. I helped to define the structure we decided on for the overall code. I was also a programmer on the team, responsible for ensuring that the rest of the game's code fit well into the camera movement. I also made possible the ability to scale down the world to a tiny size. A video is viewable here.


Pilferocalypse, a 2D game made in DirectX10

Pilferocalypse is a game I created in a team of three people during my senior year at RIT. It is a 2D platformer made using DirectX 10 and C++, with support for two players and Xbox controllers. My main contributions to the project are the camera control, engine structure, and collision detection/response. A video of it can be viewed here.

Dora Links

A minigame I worked on in the video game Dora Links

While completing an internship for Imaginengine in Framingham MA, I programed various minigames and fixed bugs in the childrens' game Dora Links, using Lua and C++ in their proprietary engine. I used my personal judgment to adjust difficulty and various parameters for each minigame to be suitable for younger children.


While I have not been credited on any official works, I've always had a personal interest in animation. I have basic knowledge of tools like Maya, but primarily have taught myself using tools in the Source game engine, beginning with simple but effective "stop-motion" screenshots in Garry's Mod, and moving on to Source Filmmaker, a free tool used by Valve to create trailers for their games. My YouTube channel can be viewed here.